Did you grow up learning that GOD answers prayers in 3 ways, Yes, Wait & No?

The book, “Yes And Amen”, reveals otherwise! 

GOD’s answers are always YES AND AMEN (a.k.a. So Be It!).


“If you are reading this book, I believe you have found something of an immeasurable value. Read this book, apply the revelation therein, and you will find the answers you have been looking for.” -Pastor Isaac Segun-Abugan

God never delays or denies legitimate prayers! When we think God may have asked us to wait or shunned us off, we are likely to retreat and surrender since we don’t have any higher power to appeal to. However, when we realize that Satan is behind the unseen manifestations, a holy anger will most likely rise within us and motivate us to launch at the devil and take back what is ours.

This book exposes Satan’s tricks and explains why God’s answer is always yes and amen.

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